Sunday, May 12, 2013

14 Things to do Before Turning 28

So I am a little late to the party with this one, but I really wanted to get on the bandwagon.  The following is a list of the 14 things that I want to do before I turn 28 in August.  I have only three months to accomplish these things so here's to hoping I can make it happen.

  1. Cook more for M. Kramlik, even though I hate it.
  2. Be a better blogger.
  3. Journal more, I used to write in a journal almost every night, but I haven't done this in a long time.
  4. Stay more organized in my craft room.
  5. Lose 15 lbs.
  6. Go on a weekend getaway with M. Kramlik.
  7. Learn to take better pictures.
  8. Plant a flower garden and really take care of it.
  9. Find a wine that I like.
  10. Finish my yellow, cream, and gray ripple afghan.
  11. Scrapbook my pictures from Texas.
  12. Spring cleaning of all the rooms in the house and getting rid of what we don't use.
  13. Make more coffee at home.
  14. Take time each day to tell those around me that matter most that I love them.
There we have it, I am also working on a list of the things that I want to do before I turn 29.  I will post this list once my birthday is over, that way anything on this list that I didn't accomplish I can add to get finished.  As I make progress with this list I will re-post it with the items I finish crossed off.  What sort of things are you looking to accomplish this year?

Thursday, May 09, 2013

27 Things About Me

  1. I have known my Husband, M. Kramlik, since I was 15 and he was 16.
  2. I hate blue ink pens, ever since they made it mandatory for us to use it at work, I can't stand having to use it at home.
  3. I am a pen and notebook addict.  I have so many of both, and if I think that a notebook is really pretty I won't use it.
  4. I never finished college, some days I regret this, other days not so much.
  5. One day I am going to move to Hungary.
  6. I have one younger brother, who even though we can argue a lot, I am very protective of him.
  7. My dad was the one that introduced me to M. Kramlik.
  8. I have a soft spot for little dogs, I just love them.
  9. I hate the dentist. Don't most of us though?
  10. I love the idea of having a flower garden, but not the idea of having to take care of it.  (This is one of my goals, which I will post soon too.)
  11. I love thunderstorms, just not when they are really windy.
  12. I love Starbucks.
  13. I love traveling.
  14. I love freshly washed sheets.
  15. My mother-in-law gave me a ring that her Grandma gave to her when she finished school, it is 37 years old.
  16. I hate jet-lag, but honestly who doesn't?
  17. I love looking at paint colors and dreaming about how they would transform my house.
  18. M. Kramlik and I bought our house first house when we were 26 & 27.  This is something I am really proud of.
  19. I am an avid reader.  I am always reading something.
  20. I have had glasses since the fourth grade, and only this year did I find glasses that I really like and look really nice on me.
  21. I can speak a very little amount of Hungarian, but I know about 200 words.
  22. I love to crochet, I am just like a little old lady.  Put me in a rocking chair with a hook and yarn and I am set.
  23. I have way to much yarn, but I can't stop buying it.
  24. My favorite food is lasagna.
  25. I have been to several European airports, London, Paris, Milan, Manchester, Helsinki, Zurich, and Amsterdam.
  26. M.Kramlik and I are serious road trippers.
  27. I just got my very first brand new car, a 2012 Nissan Versa, and I love it.

A Trip Down Memory Lane & Other Ramblings

I don't know why but everytime we come to Hungary, I am always reminded of the first time that I met Mate.  The other night at the pub we asked his Dad if knew how long that we have been together.  He said that he didn't know but knew that when I first came to the pub that my hair was in braids.  I thought that was so cute that this is what he remembered.  I also remember that I was wearing a purple and green striped sweater, not one of my cutest moments that is for sure, so I have no idea what Mate saw in me that night.  But, here we are twelve years later.
I am sitting here in Mate's room, that I am sure has had only one change to it, and that was wood paneling added to the walls.  I am surrounded by pictures that remind me our years together.  Our lives are constantly changing but this room always stays the same.  It is a comfort not only to me when I am here, but I think also a comfort to his family when we are not.  Mate's Mama (Grandma) said yesterday that she wished that time would just stand still and I couldn't agree with her more.  Time always seems to go by so quickly when we are here and it always seems to take forever for our next trip here to arrive.
I am always anxious when we leave, about leaving all of my family but the last several trips, as soon as we get on the airplane all of that goes away.  It make me think more seriously about moving here.  We were at a birthday party last weekend, and a bunch of our friends were singing Hungarian Folk Songs, Mate asked me if I knew any from home.  I told him no, then I had to think do we even have any?  I couldn't come up with one.  Then this got me thinking about our child(ren), I want them to grow up with a great understanding of the Hungarian heritage and culture because it is so important.  Not only to me, but I know to Mate as well.
I think as time passes we will think more seriously about moving here and being with Mate's family for awhile.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Gym at Night

Ever see the movie Night at the Museum?  Well the gym is a lot like that movie, it certain comes alive at night.  I didn't sleep the best last night and hurt my neck, so I called my Mom and said the gym was off today.  Once I got to work and my neck started feeling better I felt really guilty that I didn't go.  I decided that I would just go over work.  YIKES!!!  The gym was packed, and by packed I mean I got one of three elliptical that were open.  Now if you have ever been to a Planet Fitness or have seen pictures you know how many of them they have.  I decided to the do the elliptical because my mom can't do them with her ankle, and when we go in the morning it is nice to be able to work out next to each other.  Any whoo...I rode/ran/jogged not really sure the exact "motion" that you do on there, for 40 minutes which translated to 3.5 miles.  Needless to say I was pretty dang proud of myself!  I did notice that I really need to update my IPod with new music.  When I go with my mom we don't take them along since we can talk to each other.  I had some really old stuff on there.  That is on my list of things to do this weekend, along with I swear a million other things.  Well just a short post tonight since I just got done showering and I need to eat dinner.  Me hungry!  Egg salad sandwiches are on the docket for tonight for M.Kramlik and me. 

I will leave you with this ridiculously cute pic of me and him.

P.S. Have you heard of the 52 lists idea?  I stumbled upon the blog: and she is the author of these lists.  She posts them every Tuesday, one for week (if that wasn't obvious), and they give you idea prompts to make these lists.  I will posting mine for the last 13 weeks in the next day or so, but serious go check her out.

Monday, April 01, 2013


Happy April 1st!
Today the sun was shinning, still a tad on the cold side, but the good news is all of the snow by our house is almost gone.  On Saturday, it was a beautiful day, I wore sandals, it was great.  My brother and I went to the outlet mall and we had a blast.  I love shopping with him, because he is a lot like me, this is both awesome and horrible.  Let's just say that when one of us is hemming and hawing over a purchase, the other one is always saying," Just buy it, just get it."  However, this weekend this worked in my favor, I got an awesome (I really seem to like that word today), Nike sweatshirt from their outlet.  It was 40% off which was of course an extra bonus.  It is so comfortable and warm, it has this thing around the neck called a funnel, which is sort of like a really loose cowl.  SCORE!  As I am a scarf fanatic.  It is also the greatest shade of gray which happens to be one of my favorite colors.  DOUBLE SCORE!

Easter was very uneventful.  They usually are.  We had lunch by my parents house, with my Great Aunt and Grandparents.  My mom made way to much food, and we all went home with lots of left overs and full stomachs!  I had to bring the Pot Luck Corn, which was one of my Gram Joyce's recipes and a family favorite.  I secretly think that my mom asks me to bring it because she knows it is about the one thing that I can make without screwing it up.  Here it is all finished after I baked it.

I just couldn't resist this picture of my Stellie Girl.  I watched her and Teddy for a week while my parents were in Florida watching my brother play baseball.  She ended up having to go to the vet this day because she has a hot spot on her back leg.  What that means basically is that she licked and licked in the same spot and cause her skin to go raw.  She is on an antibiotic and an ointment.  I took this picture right after she had both.  Poor girl.


These are just some pretty daffodils that I got this week at Sendiks, $2.99 a bunch.  So...I got three!  I had been waiting for these to come out and I was constantly missing them at Pick n Save.  When I had to make a pit stop for a certain person's birthday treat, Dad, I picked these up for me.

The diet is back on in full swing today.  My mom and I hit the gym, or did the gym hit us?  Not sure yet, we will see how I feel tomorrow morning when I have to get up again.  I do have to admit that I do sort of like least day one in, I sort of like going....ask me at day 20.  Although by then, just like last time it is so much just routine that it doesn't even phase me anymore. 

Well dinners done and I am hungry so off to eat.  Mmm, I end saying that I am going to eat, when I just said that I was back on my diet.  Goofy girl!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here We Go

I'm back and with a fire burning to succeed.  Over the last couple of weeks I have been so inspired by so many bloggers that I follow.  So I am jumping in with both feet, no testing the waters for this girl.  I have wanted to come a better and more consistent blogger for some time now.  But, we all know that saying and doing are two very different things.  I know I can do it though. 

So blog world, I Sarah Kramlik, pledge that I am going to be a better blogger!  Ok, you all can see this. 

I am going to be in full swing of things started April 1.  I always like a beginning of the month kind of goal.  I am also going to be going back to the gym and eating right starting that day as well, so lots of goals starting in my world in just two days. 

I am very excited about both of these and I can't wait to see where they are going to take me.

So, are you ready to join me???  I sure hope so.  I have some great ideas and posts in mind.  One of them being a give away at the April.  I am thinking an Ipod shuffle.  I will get more into that as we get going.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I'm Back...Once Again

I am back once again!  Sorry I was away for so long.  Sometimes life just gets in the way of things.  But, I am back now and it feels so good.  One of the projects that was being worked on while I was on hiatus was an upgrade to the craft room.  My lovely husband completely re-designed my space.  He built me a custom desk and shelving units!  It is truly heaven in here now.  I couldn't wait to get back in the saddle and start creating again.  I haven't been able to take the finished product photo yet, as I was still working on getting the room just right.  I had to take everything out here, so for two full weeks my house looked like a tornado went through it. There was paper and yarn every where.  Not everything is back in here yet though either!  The upstairs bedroom at the moment is where some of my yarn is hanging out.  I am looking forward to Saturday when I can get back in here for a full day and work on things.  Then on Sunday afternoon I am off to Minneapolis for three days to watch my brother play baseball in the Metrodome!  I am so excited.  Family road trip!  Mate is staying home to work, what the heck!  He is saving his vacation for our upcoming trip to Hungary.  We are hoping in the next couple of days to have the dates for this trip figured out.  A few things are keeping us in limbo over the dates but hopefully fingers crossed we can book the tickets soon.  I will leave you with two sneak peek pictures of the new desk and one of the shelves.

Pretty awesome stuff!  The right side of the desk is 8ft long! Happy Crafting!