Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 1 at Gym

Tonight was the first night back to the gym, and let me just say that I can totally feel the burn! Thanks to my friend Tabetha, who went with me, it was easier to get back there than I thought! I look forward to many nights being there sweating my butt off. Ahhh...if it was only that easy! I will say this I still don't like to work out, but maybe if I keep doing it one day I will like it! Ok pretty sure that I won't! But, it is what must be done!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


So I have decided as part of my New Year's resolution that I needed to come up with the list of books that I have read in my entire life. (ok I know that this sounds strange, delusional, wacky, etc) However, I have wanted to do this for quite sometime. Now I know that I won't possibly remember every single book so I am saying from like high school on as those were the ones that had some substance to them, not saying that all of the Ramona Quimby and Judy Blume books didn't, they helped a lot with those strange years of being a kid. So I am currently working on the list and I believe that I am somewhere around 76 books. As soon as it reaches 100 I will post the list here for you to see and maybe one of them will sound good to you! Happy Reading!