Friday, February 05, 2010


So you will all be happy to know that after going to bed last night after midnight and getting up this morning at 6:45 I still haven't crashed. It took a whole lot of caffeine to get me this good but, I am happy to say that I am still wide eyed and bushy tailed. Well off to the scrapbook store with Amanda and then home to more homework.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Late Night of Studying and Drawing

So tonight I was up doing homework and I told Mate that he couldn't go to bed until I was done with my homework. So he decided to work some more on one of his drawings. Today his dad called him and asked for some pictures of us, so I thought that it would be fitting to put one up here. This was taken just a couple of minutes ago while I was working on homework! Mate thought that it would be cute if I put my glasses on my head, yeah as if I could see then! After we took the picture I had to put them back right so that I could see the picture! Well I think that it is going to be bedtime soon here, it is after 11 and I need my beauty sleep, or something like it. Oh I want to do a shout out to my awesome mom for buying me a new pair of Nike tennis shoes! They will be great to break in at the Zumba class that I am going to go to on Saturday morning with my friend Tabetha!

Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm Here

I am here, sorry that I haven't written in awhile, but with school starting again I have been a little busy. On that note, school is going well, keeping me busy which is good. Mate is back on the employement list. Last week Wednesday was his last day at work, so if you know of any jobs that you think he might be good at please let us know. Not to much is new with the Kramlik group. Just taking it one day at a time. I am still going to the gym two nights a week, sometimes three when I have the time to squeeze it in. I am currently working on two baby afghans for the new Zaunter baby that will be joining us next month! I am so excited for them, I am hoping to get some crocheting down tomorrow night. Tonight I have homework and class so by the time that I am done with all of that it will be time for bed so that I can sleep and get up and do it all again! Don't you just love that about your days! Ok so maybe not the whole going to work part, but hey at least you are waking up!

I am sure that most of you know but a couple of weeks ago we went snoeshowing for the first time so I thought I would include one of our pictures. Enjoy! :)