Thursday, August 26, 2010

Out With the Old in With the New...or Something Like That

So Mate has returned home which is GREAT!! I am so happy that he is back! We are finally trying to de-clutter our house...actually it is really me who has to de-clutter. Poor Mate is only allowed some much space and that is really in the studio, but it seems that I have taken that area over too! We (me) are going through things that we haven't used in a long time and just getting rid of them. We watched our new cousin baby Quinn last night and I think we both realized that if we are going to try to have a baby in this house then we need to remove somethings. So tonight I started to unload some things on craigslist and we will see where we can get. I figure if we can get a couple dollars for them then we can start saving toward the bigger purchases that we will have to make. Oh but I was quite excited to find a dresser on craigslist tonight that will be perfect for when we do have a baby, only $15. We get to pick it up on Sunday. Mate thinks that I am crazy but I call it just trying to be proactive. When could we possibly find another dresser for $15 that is exactly what I am looking for!!! That man just doesn't know a bargin! I guess that is all for tonight. I promise I will try to post again soon.