Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Gym at Night

Ever see the movie Night at the Museum?  Well the gym is a lot like that movie, it certain comes alive at night.  I didn't sleep the best last night and hurt my neck, so I called my Mom and said the gym was off today.  Once I got to work and my neck started feeling better I felt really guilty that I didn't go.  I decided that I would just go over work.  YIKES!!!  The gym was packed, and by packed I mean I got one of three elliptical that were open.  Now if you have ever been to a Planet Fitness or have seen pictures you know how many of them they have.  I decided to the do the elliptical because my mom can't do them with her ankle, and when we go in the morning it is nice to be able to work out next to each other.  Any whoo...I rode/ran/jogged not really sure the exact "motion" that you do on there, for 40 minutes which translated to 3.5 miles.  Needless to say I was pretty dang proud of myself!  I did notice that I really need to update my IPod with new music.  When I go with my mom we don't take them along since we can talk to each other.  I had some really old stuff on there.  That is on my list of things to do this weekend, along with I swear a million other things.  Well just a short post tonight since I just got done showering and I need to eat dinner.  Me hungry!  Egg salad sandwiches are on the docket for tonight for M.Kramlik and me. 

I will leave you with this ridiculously cute pic of me and him.

P.S. Have you heard of the 52 lists idea?  I stumbled upon the blog: and she is the author of these lists.  She posts them every Tuesday, one for week (if that wasn't obvious), and they give you idea prompts to make these lists.  I will posting mine for the last 13 weeks in the next day or so, but serious go check her out.

Monday, April 01, 2013


Happy April 1st!
Today the sun was shinning, still a tad on the cold side, but the good news is all of the snow by our house is almost gone.  On Saturday, it was a beautiful day, I wore sandals, it was great.  My brother and I went to the outlet mall and we had a blast.  I love shopping with him, because he is a lot like me, this is both awesome and horrible.  Let's just say that when one of us is hemming and hawing over a purchase, the other one is always saying," Just buy it, just get it."  However, this weekend this worked in my favor, I got an awesome (I really seem to like that word today), Nike sweatshirt from their outlet.  It was 40% off which was of course an extra bonus.  It is so comfortable and warm, it has this thing around the neck called a funnel, which is sort of like a really loose cowl.  SCORE!  As I am a scarf fanatic.  It is also the greatest shade of gray which happens to be one of my favorite colors.  DOUBLE SCORE!

Easter was very uneventful.  They usually are.  We had lunch by my parents house, with my Great Aunt and Grandparents.  My mom made way to much food, and we all went home with lots of left overs and full stomachs!  I had to bring the Pot Luck Corn, which was one of my Gram Joyce's recipes and a family favorite.  I secretly think that my mom asks me to bring it because she knows it is about the one thing that I can make without screwing it up.  Here it is all finished after I baked it.

I just couldn't resist this picture of my Stellie Girl.  I watched her and Teddy for a week while my parents were in Florida watching my brother play baseball.  She ended up having to go to the vet this day because she has a hot spot on her back leg.  What that means basically is that she licked and licked in the same spot and cause her skin to go raw.  She is on an antibiotic and an ointment.  I took this picture right after she had both.  Poor girl.


These are just some pretty daffodils that I got this week at Sendiks, $2.99 a bunch.  So...I got three!  I had been waiting for these to come out and I was constantly missing them at Pick n Save.  When I had to make a pit stop for a certain person's birthday treat, Dad, I picked these up for me.

The diet is back on in full swing today.  My mom and I hit the gym, or did the gym hit us?  Not sure yet, we will see how I feel tomorrow morning when I have to get up again.  I do have to admit that I do sort of like least day one in, I sort of like going....ask me at day 20.  Although by then, just like last time it is so much just routine that it doesn't even phase me anymore. 

Well dinners done and I am hungry so off to eat.  Mmm, I end saying that I am going to eat, when I just said that I was back on my diet.  Goofy girl!