Monday, March 08, 2010

A Whole Lot of Stuff

So a couple weeks ago, my lovely husband called me up on a Friday afternoon at work and asked what I would like to do for the weekend. I wasn't too sure but I knew that I wanted to do something fun and exciting, a direct quote was, " I don't want to go to the movies because I don't want to have to sit in those seats, if I am going to watch a movie I want to lay in my bed." So needless to say we didn't go to the movies! I thought of bowling, going to the dells, my husband on the other hand called me back a little while later after thinking everything through and asked me, "How would you like to have breakfast at the Pancake Pantry?" to which I replied, "The Pancake Pantry is in Tennessee!" Then he replies with, "Yeah I know, lets go to Tennessee." You see we had made plans to go to Tennessee to see the Smoky Mountains in August for our little summer vacation, like how we went out West last year. So after getting over the shock of planning a trip in literally like 2 hours, I made reservations at a hotel even though Mate wanted to be spontaneous and wing it! By the time that I got home at 5 Mate had the car almost packed and ready to go, he was so excited, and deep down I was really excited to but I didn't want to lead him on and let him know this until the trip was well underway! The above picture is our standard stand together and hold the camera out picture. It was taken in the Smoky Mountains at a rest stop so that we could let the brakes cool....hmmm this sounds an awful lot like the last trip that we had. So to sum it up we left on Friday at 6:30pm and we were home by Sunday at 4pm. Yea, that was a lot of traveling in one weekend not to mention a lot of traveling in the car!
Our next adventure is going to be going to Hungary. Mate will leave in April and I will follow in May. We are traveling through Brussels this time, someplace that neither of us have been so that will be interesting I am sure that I will have stories for all of you then. Well that is it for now, I promise it won't take me so long to post again.

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