Sunday, October 30, 2011

Changes to the Korner

So here as promised are the two new views in my Korner. I really didn't like all of the plastic storage that I had in my room. So last weekend and this weekend Mate and I gave my Korner a facelift. In one corner of the room we put up three shelves on the wall. This houses my scrapbooking and stamping supplies. One the opposite corner we assembled a 9 hole cubbie for my yarn and left over scrapbooking supplies to go. I love how I can see all my yarn now, well most of it anyway, the cabinet that is under the three shelves is housing yarn too. Oh and there is one tote that has yarn in it too, but I put that in the spare bedroom upstairs, so I wasn't in here to take up more space. I will take some complete pictures of the room when it is completely finished but for now here are the two corners of my Korner.

What do you think?

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