Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here We Go

I'm back and with a fire burning to succeed.  Over the last couple of weeks I have been so inspired by so many bloggers that I follow.  So I am jumping in with both feet, no testing the waters for this girl.  I have wanted to come a better and more consistent blogger for some time now.  But, we all know that saying and doing are two very different things.  I know I can do it though. 

So blog world, I Sarah Kramlik, pledge that I am going to be a better blogger!  Ok, you all can see this. 

I am going to be in full swing of things started April 1.  I always like a beginning of the month kind of goal.  I am also going to be going back to the gym and eating right starting that day as well, so lots of goals starting in my world in just two days. 

I am very excited about both of these and I can't wait to see where they are going to take me.

So, are you ready to join me???  I sure hope so.  I have some great ideas and posts in mind.  One of them being a give away at the April.  I am thinking an Ipod shuffle.  I will get more into that as we get going.

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