Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cafe Luna

So last weekend we went to Cafe Luna to hear Courtney's boyfriend's jazz band play, and boy did we have a great time. I am talking three chocolate martini's good!! They played some great music including, Thriller, Ghostbuster's theme song and the Addams' Family! We got home quite late for us, 1am, but the next day was daylight savings so it worked out ok for us! I have now started my next set of classes at school, Psychology and Anthropology! Yesterday I took my first Anthropology test....yikes is all that I can say about that! Just a short post today, I have more homework to do :( and I have to keep plugging away on my Christmas gifts! Next weekend I will put up the tree with Amanda, make Christmas cards with Courtney, and scrapbook somewhere in there too!

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