Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day

So we had a great turkey day yesterday, I ate way to much as usual! But dinner was a great success! Auntie Shey and Jeff were our hostess and host, oh and Goofy too! The house was full to the brim I don't think that another person or animal (there were 3 dogs) would have fit. I got good practice trying to get through all the people for Black Friday today. I was up at 3:25AM and out the door by 3:45AM, at Wal-Mart around 4AM and then out by 5:30 and in line at Fleet & Farm by then and out the door there at 6:25 and then off to Menards. It was one crazy morning but dang I scored some great deals! That is all for this post as I am running low on steam for the day and I think that my bed is calling to me! Love to all, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Only 28 days till Christmas!!

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