Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Parade

Things here are now starting to get busy! With Christmas only 2.5 weeks away (that is really hard to believe) I am crazy busy. Not only is Christmas coming soon but finals are in a week! YIKES!!! So lately lost of studying and homework so my posting has been some what delayed. Last weekend was West Bend's Christmas parade and the whole family went! It was freezing! But afterward we warmed up with some nice Mexican food! This weekend my friend Amanda and I baked Christmas cookies, this year we only made two types of cookies but dipped lots of things in chocolate and made peanut butter balls which are a favorite of mine! In two weeks Mom, Sherry and I will make Christmas cookies too, well I should say that Mom and Sherry will make them, the way that things are going for me I will have to take that day off so that I can get crocheting done. I am pleased to say that even though we are very busy I have made two blankets and a scarf so far! Yea me! Well that is all for now, I have to get back to crocheting as the homework for this evening is complete!

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