Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Day

So we have had quite a lot of snow today! About 12" since last night around 11pm. Mate got up at 2:30am and started shoveling out the driveway and his car, then at about 4:30am I woke up, went outside to check on him, he called Harry and we drove over to my mom and dad's house. At about 5:30 Mate and Harry headed out to start digging out all of Harry's customers! About 6 houses later they came home to a lunch of grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup - made by me! Meanwhile I held down the Steldt fort while Mom went to work. Now I am relaxing, I think that I am going to go and crochet for awhile. It almost looks like the sun is going to come and say a quite hello and good-bye! This picture was taken out the front door at my mom and dad's house. I hope that everyone else is enjoying their snow day!

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