Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Months Just Fly By

Time sure flies by when you are having all sorts of fun! These last couples of months have been crazy busy for us. I have finished my spring semester of school and took a much needed summer off. Mate and I both have been to Hungary and back. We have been watching a lot of baseball too. Harry's team made it to the State Tournament yesterday when they beat both Campbellsport and Kewaskum. On Wednesday they will face Grafton in Steven's Point. Today Mate and I are working on a sign for the front yard of Mom and Dad's house for Harry. I have been doing a lot of crocheting in my spare time lately too. I have made a baby blanket, two wash clothes, a blanket for a friend's wedding, and a cute hat. I am working on a blanket right now for Mate's Papa, he isn't feeling well and I want to make him a little lap blanket so that when he has it on he thinks of us and knows that we love him and are thinking of him. Well I better get back to my sign making duties and crocheting.

More soon.

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