Saturday, October 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

So we have a new friend that is living with us...we like to call him Mousy! Yup that is right we have a mouse in the house! Gross! Currently he has taken up residence in our kitchen. We found his markings last weekend under our sink, in a cabinet and on the stove. I will pause for gagging noises.....ok, now that is over I will continue. We sterilized the kitchen as best we could and have set out traps, 6 of them, and we still haven't caught him! We (I mean Mate) caulked under our sink where we think that he lives but still nothing! So now we wait until he is caught!
So moving on, still no baby. We have sure been trying but so far it hasn't happened. Everyone keeps telling me that it will happen when the time is right, but I have to admit that I am getting a little nervous. I just try to keep thinking positive. I went on to a psychics website and she said that I should conceive in November or December. So when I read that I thought hey December would be good, that would be the best Christmas present ever.
Speaking of Christmas, it is only 2 months from Monday! I sure have a lot of work to do before then! I have two blankets to finish, two scarves, cards to make, and I think I am going to make those cookies in a jar for a couple of select family members! It is another homemade Christmas. Tomorrow I am going to the scrapbooking store over in Cedarburg with a dear friend to work on a birthday gift for my Grandpa. It should be tons of fun! I always spend too much money in that store but I do have a gift certificate to use this time from my birthday!
Next weekend is Halloween and Mate and I are going a party at my cousins house. She and I are going as Lucy and Ethel, which is totally fitting for us!
I suppose that is all for tonight, I better get back to crocheting...reading....and maybe some sleep in there tonight too.

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