Sunday, April 17, 2011

Looking for a House

I am so excited to report that Mate and I are looking for a house. So far we have looked at 8 and have hated all of them. Tomorrow we are going to go and look at three more. I am hoping that one of them might be the one, otherwise we will have to look after we come back from Hungary. We are leaving for there soon, I am excited for our trip too. Lots of new changes going on in the Kramlik world. I can't wait for this next chapter of our life to start. I really feel like an adult now. It is a little crazy and scary all at the same time. I also can wait for the weather to finally get warm. We were teased a couple of days ago with nice warm weather in the 80s. Not sure what is in the forecast for this week, I sort of don't even want to look. I will probably just be disappointed anyway! I guess that is all for this entry but don't worry I promise not to stay away as long as I did last time.

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