Monday, September 03, 2012

Photo-A-Day Challenge

Hi All - Sorry I didn't post the Organizing the Korner Post yet.  I haven't uploaded the pictures yet and there are a few more things I want to do before I show you the transformation.  So instead today I am going to tell you about the photo-a-day challenge that I am embarking on.  I am not sure anymore where I found the list, maybe Pinterest, but basically it is a list of thirty pictures one for each day of the month.  I decided to start this challenge in September since when I really got back to blogging it was already the middle to end of August.  I am going to post the list of the pictures that you have to take each day, and then when the month is over I am going to a photo heavy re-cap.  Without further ado here is the list:

Day 1: Self Portrait
Day 2: What I Wore
Day 3: Clouds
Day 4: Favorite Color
Day 5: Someone I Love
Day 6: Childhood Memory
Day 7: Something New
Day 8: Technology
Day 9: Faceless Portrait
Day 10: Something I Made
Day 11: Something Fun
Day 12: Close-Up
Day 13: From a Distance
Day 14: Flowers
Day 15: My Shoes
Day 16: What I Ate
Day 17: On the Shelf
Day 18: In My Bag
Day 19: Where I Slept
Day 20: What I Read
Day 21: Pretty Pattern
Day 22: Tress
Day 23: Sunset
Day 24: A Smile
Day 25: Sunflare
Day 26: Something Old
Day 27: After Dark
Day 28: Daily Routine
Day 29: Purchased
Day 30: In Motion

There is the list please join me, and then in a month we have a big reveal of all of our great photos.  I am trying to be a better photographer, so lately I have been taking lots of pictures to practice.  I am also thinking of taking a photography class.  Does anyone have any suggestions of a good one to take?  That is all for now.  M. Kramlik and I are headed down to the outlet mall today to take advantage of some of the good labor day sales!  I am hoping to find some work pants to keep your fingers crossed.

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