Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to Reality

So after having two weeks off for vacation, it is time to be back to reality. Why is it that vacations never come fast enough but when you are on it the times goes by so quickly. Work today was actually pretty good, the girls in the office had just about everything of mine taken care of so I didn't have to much work to get caught up on.
Now comes the awful task of unpacking too, I just hate it. I came home from work tonight and tackled just that. I managed to unpack my suitcase put everything away, unpack my backpack, and straighten up the rest of the house. What I really want to do is crochet! Yesterday I received my first batch of yarn for Deramores, and then today there were three packages outside my door and guess what they were filled with.....the rest of my yarn orders!!! I only need one more color and I can begin my Granny Stripe afghan!!!! I do however need to finish my mom's afghan that I am making for her birthday. Since her birthday was last month I really do need to finish it!
I guess that is all for today. I am tired so I think that I will relax in my chair and hang out with my hook.

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