Monday, May 09, 2011

News from Across the Pond

So here I am sitting in the kitchen at my inlaws in Hungary, just another day and we are all together in the most important room here. Conversations are flowing, while I just do a lot of listening. Mate and his Mom are cooking, Mama and Papa are sitting outside, the wind is blowing and the birds are singing. It couldn't be a better day.
When we first arrived a couple of days ago my parents sent me an email and told me about a house that they found for us for sale. They went and looked at it for us and sent us pictures. We immediately fell in love. The person is selling it because his father passed away and none of his siblings want the house. They just dropped the price so now it is in our price range. A few days ago though my Mom sent me and email and told me that now that the price was dropped there are more people looking at the house. The man that is selling it told her that he really wants first time home owners to get the house and he really likes mine and Mate's story. We haven't heard anything now about it, there were some other people that were going back to look at it for a second time and that made me a little nervous. Friends we need some prayers for us so that we don't lose the house. My Mom told me that if it was meant to be that it would happen but it still makes me a little worried. Everyone here in Hungary really likes it and hopes that we can buy it.
Tomorrow we are off to Szentendre to visit Mate's sister, we are taking Mama with us so that she can get out of the house a little bit, since taking care of Papa is now really a full time job. I am really looking forward to our outing as well. It has been a week since we got to really go anywhere. The photo that I have put with the post is a picture of what I hope is our new house.

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