Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane & Other Ramblings

I don't know why but everytime we come to Hungary, I am always reminded of the first time that I met Mate.  The other night at the pub we asked his Dad if knew how long that we have been together.  He said that he didn't know but knew that when I first came to the pub that my hair was in braids.  I thought that was so cute that this is what he remembered.  I also remember that I was wearing a purple and green striped sweater, not one of my cutest moments that is for sure, so I have no idea what Mate saw in me that night.  But, here we are twelve years later.
I am sitting here in Mate's room, that I am sure has had only one change to it, and that was wood paneling added to the walls.  I am surrounded by pictures that remind me our years together.  Our lives are constantly changing but this room always stays the same.  It is a comfort not only to me when I am here, but I think also a comfort to his family when we are not.  Mate's Mama (Grandma) said yesterday that she wished that time would just stand still and I couldn't agree with her more.  Time always seems to go by so quickly when we are here and it always seems to take forever for our next trip here to arrive.
I am always anxious when we leave, about leaving all of my family but the last several trips, as soon as we get on the airplane all of that goes away.  It make me think more seriously about moving here.  We were at a birthday party last weekend, and a bunch of our friends were singing Hungarian Folk Songs, Mate asked me if I knew any from home.  I told him no, then I had to think do we even have any?  I couldn't come up with one.  Then this got me thinking about our child(ren), I want them to grow up with a great understanding of the Hungarian heritage and culture because it is so important.  Not only to me, but I know to Mate as well.
I think as time passes we will think more seriously about moving here and being with Mate's family for awhile.

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