Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday Night Crazy

HI Friends.  Last night as I told you I went to German Fest with some friends.  While we didn't have as much fun there as I had hoped, we had lots of fun before and after the fest.  On the way home I stuck my head out the window and was screaming, "Only Three Years Until I am 30!!"  I have no idea what got into me. (at this point of the evening I only had a Diet Pepsi and a Root Beer)

To start the evening we met at my house since I am the closest one to downtown where German Fest is.  We of course chatted for awhile and then headed out for our night on the big town. 

We went to Panera for dinner, it is always so good.  I had my normal entree when I eat there, which is the Grilled Chicken Cesar salad.  Love it!

I think that Amanda had the same thing that I did, Aly had soup and sandwich, and Kate had the cobb salad with avocados.  She was quite excited about how large the avocados were in the salad and that there was lots of them.  Oh, she also got a free Mango smoothie and she was so happy about it that when they called her name to go get it she danced all the way up there.  This is why I love Kate!

Then we were off to German Fest.  When we got there we headed right for the beer tent and the polka music.  Aly got a beer and I had a rootbeer!  Big drinkers!

We found a picnic table and listened to some country style polka.  Yikers!  Good thing their set was just about over when we got there.  When the next band started they played some seriously good polka.  Aly, Kate, and I decided that it was time to get our polka on.  Of course we picked the never ending polka.  It is quite a work out to polka.  I was surprised that the there was so many older people out on the floor.  It made me think that I was a loser when the three of us gave up. 

After we got our polka on, we headed back to my house for more chit chat and some shots.  One palinka and one of this bison grass flavored vodka from Poland that M.Kramlik likes.  Needless to say after those two shots plus the half of a white russian that I drank I was finished.  Yup, lightweight right over here.  I think that it was about 12:30 when they left.  I went right up to bed and slept until 8:30!  I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I guess I don't get out enough. 

We decided that we can't let it be another 8 months before we got together again. 

Ladies here is to more fun nights, preferably with out me hanging my head out the window! 

No blog post tomorrow as I am working on the post that I am going to be sharing with you on Monday.  The re-organizing of the Korner.  I will give you a sneak peak though....

There was a lot of cleaning out and organizing going on.  I love how these are organized by color now.

She tried to help me, but decided that sleeping was the better option.

I made a Hobby Lobby run too.  I did good.

New paper cutter, cardstock, Smash Book dater for a new project, and some new markers.

Stay tuned.....

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