Wednesday, February 15, 2012

143 Days to Go – Diet Day 8 *Weigh In Day*

I was so nervous when I stepped on the scale, but I lost 2.4 pounds last week! Yea! I am so proud of myself. I am very happy with the amount that I lost my 1st week. Tonight I start the gym with my mom so that should be interesting! Since my goal for this week is to maximize my
points I changed up lunch a little bit. I still had the usual Slim Fast, rice cakes, and baby carrots, but I added the applesauce with lunch and brought a Jell-O pudding as a snack. I had almost forgotten how much I love that pudding. It was a great 3:30 snack. For dinner I ate an egg salad sandwich that was 4 pts. 2 pts for the egg, 1 pt for the sandwich round, and 1 pt for the light mayo. Then I made a big salad with spinach, mixed spring leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes, snap peas, broccoli and mushrooms. This salad was zero points! I did have some light salad dressing as I didn’t have fat free in the house and it was 2 pts for 2 tablespoons, which is
a lot of dressing. I never realized how much that was until I measured it out. So with all of that yummy food my total pts were still low 16 out of 25. I am now down 1 point because of the weight that I lost. The more weight that you lose the less points you are given, the lowest amount of points that can have though is 18. The point target that I am looking to hit though is 22 points. If I can make it down to 21 points that would be great too.

I think that so far week #2 is going well. I know that it is only day 1 but I am not feeling as hungry all the time and I am really focusing on the food choices that I make. Now when I look for a snack I try to find fruit or veggies to have instead of candy or chips.

Well I am back from the gym now. Boy was that an experience. My mom was a hoot. We were suppose to leave at 8 because my parents had some things going on, but we didn’t end up leaving until 9. We did 15 minutes on the treadmill where it confirmed to both me and my mom that I am very out of shape. Then we did the 30 minute workout area. This was very similar to what we did at Curves so it wasn’t too hard for us. Only a few machines posed a challenge for us. Then it was back on the treadmill for a 15 minute cool down. Now I better shower and get ready for bed since it is almost 11. Until tomorrow.

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