Monday, February 13, 2012

144 Days to Go - Diet Day 7

The day for me began at 10 o'clock! Yup you heard it , 10 am! I was up way to late during the week and it finally must have caught up with me on Saturday night. So of course when I woke up I was hungry, so I had a Slim Fast right away. By 11 I was at my Gram's helping my mom and dad. I didn't get home until 2:30. I had Mate pick me up from their so that then we could go to Wal-Mart. I wanted to buy a digital scale. If I am truly going to do this diet thing properly I need to have a decent scale. Mate told me that it was my Valentine's gift. I also did get the next Twilight movie, and I know you are all wondering and I did make Mate watch it with me! That was his punishment for making me watch The Simpsons and Family Guy. For dinner we went to my parents house where my mom made lots of yummy food but I brought my own food because I am not quite ready to eat "real people" food yet. I had a Smart Ones Thai Chicken and Rice Noodles, snap peas, sandwich round, applesauce, and cauliflower. It was excellent, very yummy! My total points for the day was low again but my goal is make it better starting tomorrow. Total points 14 out of 26, I am nervous about weighing in tomorrow, but I am hoping for the best and I am very proud of myself for the food choices that I have made this week. So bring on the scale I am ready for it.

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