Thursday, February 09, 2012

148 Days to Go - Diet Day 3

Today I was so excited because I didn't wake up hungry! Yea! I didn't even think about my morning shake until 9:30! I am hoping that this means my stomach and my head are joining forces on my weight loss journey. I had my usual shake for breakfast, shake, rice cakes and carrots for lunch. I wasn't feeling as hungry yesterday either. I think that it had to do with the fact that I was busy with some projects so I didn't have time to think about food.
For dinner I had 1 cup of shepherd's pie that my cousin's fiance made for us. My cousin and I belong to a stamp card club and our meeting was tonight so he was kind enough to have dinner ready for us when we got to their house after work. Our class was good, but for Valentine's our instructor gave us all a piece of chocolate, I really wanted to eat it but I resisted.
When I got home it was after 10, I didn't really want to eat anything because it was late and I am really trying not to eat anything after 8:30. Don't ask me why 8:30, I just like that time. 8 is usually when I have my snack and I try to make it last until 8:30. My point count for the day was pretty low again. I wasn't too sure how to point out the shepherd's pie so I gave a point value of 7. I thought that it was pretty similar to my panini that I had the other night. That brought the total to 16 out of 26 points. I still could have had 10 points worth of food! I need to get some more veggies and fruit in the house and snacks that are Weight Watchers acceptable. Off to bed since the time to get up for work will be here before I know it.

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