Thursday, February 09, 2012

147 Days to Go - Diet Day 4

WOO HOO Ladies! I made it until 10:30 this morning before I drank my breakfast shake. It really does help being busy. It is now 12:40 and I am ready to have lunch. Same lunch as the past three days, but that is ok. Depending on what the scale says Monday I might change things up. I managed to make my 2nd rice cake last until 2:30, so that pushed applesauce time back to 4. This is awesome! Now I shouldn't be starving when I get home and have to wait for Mate.
We had to go to my parents house again tonight, this time it was so my Dad could look at my car. Yup it is leaking anti-freeze! :( So now it is going to the repair shop, I have to stay home from work tomorrow for a few hours as we are getting some gas lines repaired. Their is a chunk of change out of our pocket. Boy whoever said being an adult was great, sure was a big fat liar!
Tonight for dinner I had the Smart Ones Thai Chicken and Rice Noodles again, this is one of my favorites. I also had an Arnold's sandwich round, these are only 1 point and with a small amount of margarine which is also a 1 point for a whole tablespoon they are delicious. Today's total isn't much better than the last two, 16 points out of 26. Another whole 10 points of food. It is my goal to actually do some shopping tomorrow for some more foods that I can eat. Well off to read a book before bedtime. Boy I am really tired, I have stayed up way past my bedtime the last couple of night. I need my beauty sleep! I have also decided that if I get 10 post comments between now and day 120, I am going to do some sort of give away. I haven't decided what yet, but I have some lovely chocolate bars from Hungary and a few other sweet treats that I wouldn't mind sharing with my friends out there.

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